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Valise was invented in 1996 and is the first web-based email in the world! Valise was the best in features and innovations (still is, but had been forced to terminate because lack of funding to fight the war with spams). Please see review [PC Magazine on the web 9/23/96]
[Oct.2001 Valise to bite the dust]

(2017-7) A new idea letting users to easily self-design their own paperless operation(OA,lab operation,factory ERP...) will be introduced soon...Some demo's [zsj: self designed automation] (in Chinese only for now)

(as of 2017 project on hold)Nearly 13 years after Valise, now the author of Valise has just introduced "Noubli" (a generic OA system based on the idea of "reminders", should become a category by itself and is believed to be the next best thing for business after email!

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[纳兰金译] Noubli (English) or 一咐不忘 (Chinese)

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